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  • “Thank you, this course was just what I needed. It has given me the encouragement and the practical advice and tools to progress my life forward. To feel valued and a contributing member of the family. Worth the funding!” Taking the First Step Client, July 2016
  • “Firstly a huge thanks to the funders for this course and people volunteering. Without their help I wouldn’t have been able to move forward and be forever stuck.” Taking the First Step Client, July 2016
  • “I am glad I done this course, as I feel it has really helped me. I feel more confident about looking for work.” Taking the First Step Client, July 2016
  • “Thank you very much to Kingdom Resources and the Funders for making this possible. I have definitely benefitted from this course hugely.” Taking the First Step Client, July 2016
  • “I really enjoyed this course and have come out of it feeling more confidence, with more knowledge on CV, skills, interviews. This course is well worth attending.” Taking the First Step Client, April 2016
  • “I cannot say enough for this course – I have gained so much confidence and have a CV that works for me, gained the ability to write a cover letter and have found support for the future.” Taking the First Step Client.
  • “This was a marvellous course. Such a great thing to be able to do. I knew nothing about it before WINZ told me about it, – so in a time of need – so great. And finding out about other available things such as Dress for Success was great.” Taking the First Step attendee
  • “My life has been transformed … and that’s only after 2 days” Sharon, Taking the First Step attendee
  • “What a fantastic course. I wish I’d known about you a couple of years ago!! I have gained so much. Just want to give you all a big hug and say thank you!” Taking the First Step attendee

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